GOP Donors Join for Newsom Recall

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Several prominent Republican donors, including several who heavily supported former President Donald Trump, are spending big on efforts to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Politico reports.

Newsom faces heavy criticism over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the state’s economy, leading to a widespread recall movement that has raised more than $3 million so far, according to the two groups leading the effort. Much of that money came in after Newsom was photographed attending a crowded birthday party, without a mask, held at an exclusive restaurant in Napa Valley last November.

Some of the donors include Beverly Hills real estate developer Geoff Palmer, who has contributed about $150,000 to the recall effort, Silicon Valley venture capitalist Douglas Leone and his wife, Patricia Perkins-Leone, have donated almost $100,000, while Susan and Howard Groff, a retired construction equipment executive, have spent about $75,000.

“Donors both in California and across the country are beginning to turn their focus to the California recall efforts,” noted Caroline Wren, a former top fundraiser for Trump’s reelection campaign.

Bill White, a business development executive from Georgia who raised about $5 million for Trump’s most recent campaign, said he’s been urging donors in California to contribute to the movement, and predicted that much more funding would come in if the measure made it onto the ballot.

“There’s definitely money going there, and if it meets that next threshold, you’re going to see a lot of support for a potential candidate,” White said.

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