Google Backtracks on Blocking Ads From Groups Opposing Court Packing

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Google has announced that it will reverse its decision to block advertisements from a group that opposed court packing despite claiming initially that the ban was part of its political ad policy, Fox News reports.

The Coalition to Preserve an Independent U.S. Supreme Court, also known as Keep Nine, was informed twice by Google in recent weeks that blocking their advertisements on its platform was part of the company’s broader policy on political ads.

“Hence, Political content which includes ads for political organizations, political parties, political issue advocacy or fundraising, and individual candidates and politicians may come under Sensitive events — US elections,” reads the message from Google. “Your ads are disapproved due to the content present on the website. I could see that the website talks about political issue advocacy where it mentions: ‘Contact your Senator and member of Congress and ask where they stand on Keep Nine.’”

According to the leaders of Keep Nine, their ad did not include any of these topics. It read: “ Court Packing/9 Justices/Bipartisan Support/Help Save the Independence of the Supreme Court/Join our Mailing list today.”

Keep Nine director Roman Buhler told Fox News, “We are not a political organization. No candidates are mentioned. No political party was mentioned.”

The group was informed on Monday that the ad had been “flagged by mistake,” according to a spokesperson for Google.

Google’s policy, which came into effect on Jan. 14, concerns “US election-related content, including ads which reference the candidates, the election, its outcome, the upcoming presidential inauguration, the ongoing presidential impeachment process, violence at the US Capitol, or future planned protests on these topics.”

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