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The Humble, First-Rate Mind of Clarence Thomas, 30 Years On | National Review

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas at the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., June 6, 2016 (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

As discussed on today’s Three Martini Lunch podcast, I am greatly relieved to hear that Justice Stephen Breyer says his colleague Justice Clarence Thomas is “doing fine” and not in any danger after being hospitalized for an infection, while speaking to the gossip show TMZ outside Cafe Milano in Georgetown.

I am also a little baffled that TMZ is interviewing the soon-to-retire Justice Stephen Breyer outside Cafe Milano in Georgetown.

I understand everyone wants their privacy, but you can’t begrudge anyone being deeply concerned about the 73-year-old Thomas being in the hospital for almost a week. And it’s a little odd that the Supreme Court isn’t offering more frequent or detailed updates on the justice’s condition. Why are we getting more updates from Breyer and TMZ than from the court itself?

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