Georgia Trump prosecutor Fani Willis faces hearing on alleged misconduct

Georgia Trump prosecutor Fani Willis faces hearing on alleged misconduct

Fulton County, Georgia’s District Attorney Fani Willis is set to appear in a hearing on February 15 to address allegations of an inappropriate relationship with her lead prosecutor, Nathan Wade. This revelation emerged as Willis has been actively involved in prosecuting former President Trump on charges related to election interference. The hearing was scheduled by Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee.

Court documents, filed recently, assert that Willis engaged Wade as a special prosecutor, claiming they were romantically involved. It further alleges that Willis financially benefited from the relationship, enjoying luxurious vacations funded by payments Wade’s firm received for their work on the Trump case.

While Willis has neither confirmed nor denied these claims, she hinted that the scrutiny she and Wade face might be rooted in racial bias. Speaking at the Big Bethel AME Church in Atlanta on Sunday, Willis addressed the situation, suggesting they are singled out because they are Black.

“They only attacked one,” she stated. “First thing they say, ‘Oh, she’s gonna play the race card now.’ But no God, isn’t it them that’s playing the race card when they only question one,” Willis questioned.

The co-defendant in the Georgia case, Michael Roman, accused Willis and Wade of having an “improper” and “clandestine” affair during the same period when appointments were being made for the 2020 election interference case. Former President Trump, the primary target of the prosecution, has vehemently called for the dismissal of the case based on these allegations.

“You had a very big event yesterday as you saw in Georgia where the district attorney is totally compromised. The case has to be dropped,” Trump asserted to reporters last week. He accused Willis of being “out of her mind” and claimed the case was “totally compromised” due to the alleged improprieties.

“It’s illegal. What she did is illegal. So we’ll let the state handle that, but what a sad situation it is,” he added, emphasizing the need for legal intervention in the situation.