Franklin Graham Says He Would Help Biden Admin Convince Evangelicals to Get Vaccinated

Franklin Graham Says He Would Help Biden Admin Convince Evangelicals to Get Vaccinated

Evangelical pastor Franklin Graham says he would be happy to work with the Biden administration in encouraging evangelicals to get COVID-19 vaccines.

“I would work with the Biden administration. I would work with the CDC. I would work with all of ’em to try to help save life,” he told Axios’ Mike Allen on an episode of “Axios on HBO” that aired Sunday

Evangelicals have expressed high levels of vaccine hesitancy.

An AP/NORC poll in March found that 40% of white evangelicals are unlikely to get vaccinated, a much higher number than other Christian groups, reported Axios.

Graham, president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, also warned Christians that if they waited too long to get the inoculation, “it could be too late.”

“I want people to know that God loves them,” Graham said in response to a question from Allen. “He will forgive you and God will accept you into his presence.”

“I want people to know that COVID-19 can kill you,” he continued. “But we have a vaccine out there that could possibly save your life. And if you wait, it could be too late.”

Graham also told Axios he doesn’t know whether a Public Service Announcement (PSA) by former President Donald Trump would reduce vaccine hesitancy but said he might suggest it to him.

Graham’s willingness to assist Biden with vaccine encouragement does not mean he agrees with his politics.

During Biden’s joint sessions of Congress address in April, Graham said the “swamp has won.”

“@POTUS Biden & Democrats are proposing a once-in-a-lifetime spending frenzy for “rebuilding our nation.” I’ve flown from coast to coast & driven from coast to coast, & I wasn’t aware America needed rebuilding,” he said on Twitter, arguing that if Americans want the country to prosper, “the best thing is for the government to stay out of the way.”

He also lamented what he views as “the onset of socialism, where those in leadership want to teach Americans to look to the government to meet their needs” and argued that the country “was built on hard work & sacrifice—& most importantly, by the grace and blessing of Almighty God,” urging his followers to “pray.”

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