‘Fox & Friends’ Rips NYT for Slams at Rush Limbaugh in His Obit

'Fox & Friends' Rips NYT for Slams at Rush Limbaugh in His Obit

The hosts of Fox News’ ”Fox &Friends” on Thursday criticized The New York Times for including negative comments in an article remembering the late conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.

The Times, in its article memorializing Limbaugh, noted that he ”built talk radio into a right-wing attack machine,” used ”misogynistic and racist language,” and ”trafficked in conspiracy theories.” It noted that Limbaugh was one of the most prominent supporters of the false conspiracy theory that former President Barack Obama was not born in the United States, coined the term ”feminazis” to describe feminists, and ”mocked the deaths of gay men” from AIDS in a regular segment on his radio show.

On Thursday, Fox News’ Lara Logan and Pete Hegseth ripped the newspaper for these comments, which were published the day Limbaugh’s death was announced.

”It’s so sick that I barely feel comfortable putting it on the screen,” Hegseth said before showing a screen shot of the article.

”You know what, Pete? I was raised to be a better person than that,” Logan said. ”I can only think of my mother. She would have looked at that and said, ‘how small, these people are very small.’ She would have left it at that, and honestly, I’m going to leave it there when it comes to them because I think their actions and their language speak for themselves.”

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