Expose the Perpetrators of War Crimes Now | National Review

Expose the Perpetrators of War Crimes Now | National Review

In the march up to Baghdad in 2003, there was concern that Saddam would order chemical attacks against our forces. By overt and clandestine means, each of Saddam’s generals was individually and firmly warned that if he fired a chemical weapon, his name and address were known, and he would be prosecuted for war crimes.

That technique can be applied on steroids in Ukraine today. President Zelensky should announce that the Ukrainians know the name and have a photo of every Russian commander of an air, artillery, or missile unit. The time and location of each war crime will be sent to NATO, together with the name of the Russian commanding officer responsible.

To take the concept a step further, post the names and pictures on the global Internet of all Russian officers commanding a battery or above. Announce that they and their families are banned from all NATO countries. Don’t just ban oligarchs. Impose a serious, long-term cost upon all Russian commanders deploying to Ukraine. Crank up the public pressure.

A former assistant secretary of defense and combat Marine, Bing West embedded with dozens of platoons in Afghanistan and wrote three books about the course of that mismanaged war.

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