‘Empathy’ Is a Lie | National Review

‘Empathy’ Is a Lie | National Review

Lisa Mascaro writes for AP:

Empathy is not a quality many Republican senators want to see in the next Supreme Court justice.

Traditionally considered an admirable attribute, the ability to empathize with another’s plight has become a touchstone for GOP opposition to Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. . . .

Read further though, and you’ll see that some of those GOP senators have more considered views than that thesis suggests. She quotes Mitch McConnell saying that a judge shouldn’t have more empathy for one party to a case than another.

Republicans are of course correct in saying that judges are supposed to be impartial. But they might be better off pointing out that liberal judges are not more empathetic than conservative ones, and liberals don’t really want them to be.

They’re not more empathetic to parents who want a lifeline for their kids out of failing schools, or landowners burdened by a kooky environmental regulation, or unborn children, or bakers being harassed by left-wing activists, or gun owners, or unborn children. They’re just left-wing.

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