Don’t Spend Christmas Alone — And Other Thoughts for a Fruitful Christmas | National Review

Don’t Spend Christmas Alone — And Other Thoughts for a Fruitful Christmas | National Review

Pope Francis visits a nativity scene in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican, December 31, 2018. (Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters)

Yesterday, I talked with popular author/preacher/teacher/friend Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P., editor at large of Magnificat and prior of St. Patrick’s in Columbus, Ohio, about Christmas. I worry we do not make spiritual time for Christmas. A crowded church service — or online! — is not all there is. During the hour, we talk about the meaning of the Incarnation, our need for the annual celebratory reminder of it, and what Forrest Gump’s mother got wrong. (I ambushed him on that one, as you’ll see and, I hope, enjoy.)

Please consider watching and sharing it. Combatting the secular way we can fall into marking Christmas would be a glorious thing — enveloping people with the hope and true joy.

Earlier this month, we had a conversation about Advent. If you’ve never heard of Fr. Alfred Delp, S.J., as a matter of history, you might want the introduction. As a spiritual matter, I highly recommend it. He spent his last Advent and Christmas imprisoned by the Nazis, knowing his death was near. He wrote the most remarkable meditations, and they can change our lives for the better. You can watch that conversation about Advent, Delp, and the book that collects some of those meditations, Advent of the Heart here:

I’ll drop into the Corner again soon, but do know I’m praying for you — I try to regularly pray for our readers and supporters and your intentions. God does not leave us alone! And this is a tremendous community — NR Nation, as Peter Travers, chairman of the National Review Institute board — calls it. Thank you!

(By the way, for some of Fr. Cameron’s writings — I’m just about to buy a few as gifts, as I often do around this time of year — see , . I think they all say they will arrive after Christmas. That’s Christmas DAY, not after the Christmas season. (Which I, for the record, milk for all it’s worth and celebrate until the feast of the Presentation in early February. Because I need Christmas! I respect Epiphany, though.)

Merry Christmas.

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