Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Biden Speech Like ‘Wedding Vows In Divorce Court’

Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Biden Speech Like 'Wedding Vows In Divorce Court'

Former presidential political adviser Dick Morris mocked President Joe Biden’s inauguration speech on Newsmax TV on Wednesday, comparing it to “wedding vows at a divorce court.”

Morris, an adviser to Democrat Bill Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, condemned what he considered the hypocrisy of Biden’s call for “unity.”

“The Biden appeal to unity in his speech, and his demand for an end to partisanship and vituperation and hate and all of that was a little like the recitation of wedding vows in a divorce court,” Morris told “The Chris Salcedo Show.”

“In the middle of impeachment, in the middle of frying a president for no reason other than to grind him into the dust and sully his reputation in history and exact revenge by his party, he goes up there and preaches a paean to unity. And in an environment in which a former president is being punished for his free speech – calling it an incitement to riot, which is ridiculous, there’s Biden calling for free speech and open expression.

“Every single word of that speech, every phrase, was contradicted by the actions of his congressional majority going on right now.”

Morris speculated Biden, who he said focused his entire campaign on being the anti-Trump, could easily be dwarfed by Trump.

“As he goes into the presidency, he may well be overshadowed by Trump, because of the specter of impeachment,” Morris said. “But let me say something else: Biden is going to be hostage to the Democrats in Congress. The more extreme they get, the more powerful they’re going to be. Because, ultimately, his majority he will not attract any Republicans, not one, on almost anything.

“The most extreme member [of the Democrats] will dictate his rate of success. And as a result I think he’s destined to be one of the least powerful presidents we’ve had since Jimmy Carter.”

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