Dick Morris: Biden Has Hit Legislative ‘Brick Wall’

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The Biden administration has hit a lull, losing any momentum from the start of the term, political strategist Dick Morris said Sunday.

“I think Joe Biden has hit a brick wall, and he is now out of momentum,” Morris told Sunday’s “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM-N.Y.

The former adviser to President Bill Clinton told host John Catsimatidis, when Biden was elected, “he had to assert executive authority quickly. So, his staff prepared a series of executive orders that came out in a blizzard . . . artificially creating a sense of momentum.”

But Morris said Biden “then thought he could use that momentum to put through” his huge spending bills on infrastructure and social spending, but when he tried, “he hit a brick wall. The Republicans wouldn’t go along. And neither [Sen. Joe] Manchin of West Virginia nor [Sen. Kyrsten] Sinema of Arizona, two Democrats, would go along either.”

Biden’s “presidency is effectively dead right now and I don’t see how he breathes new life into it,” Morris added. “Everybody is sort of waiting for the clock to tick [for] the midterm elections, when he loses Congress.”

“Biden’s ratings are dropping,” Morris continued. “The economy in trouble and falling apart. And inflation is coming back. The failure of his policy is all around him. So, there’s no reason for the Republicans to cave. And there’s no reason for . . . Manchin and Sinema, in particular, to cave either.”

Biden is “like an aircraft carrier filled with Democratic planes and Democratic troops, but can’t go anywhere, circling aimlessly in the ocean,” Morris said. “While this is all happening, his congressional majority is eroding under his feet.”

Biden is really, Morris added, “on a dime, and he can’t get off it. If he backs off his program, the left is going to kill him. And if he stays with the program, he’ll never get it passed in the Senate.”

Morris also predicted Manchin will hold firm in his opposition to the huge spending programs despite pressure from his Democrat colleagues to join them, because public opinion is turning against the legislation, and there is no benefit for the West Virgina senator to back it.

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