Dems Have a Lot of Chutzpah on the Debt Ceiling | National Review

Dems Have a Lot of Chutzpah on the Debt Ceiling | National Review

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) speaks during a news conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., March 16, 2021. (Samuel Corum/Pool via Reuters)

Senate Democrats are again demanding that Republicans help raise the debt limit to help them bypass legislative norms and debate and cram through their agenda in an unprecedented $3.5 trillion bill that can’t garner a single vote from the minority. Chuck Schumer demands this even though Democrats have the votes to do it themselves. The first iteration of the Bernie Sanders–authored reconciliation plan — ostensibly limited to budgetary items — had room for things such as a “Civilian Climate Corps” but none to address the issue of a debt-ceiling hike that is needed for its passage.

A new Quinnipiac poll finds Biden underwater on all fronts — on COVID, foreign policy, and the economy. His approval among independents is 34-52. The GOP has already inexplicably allowed Democrats to lower the price tag on the reconciliation bill by supporting an infrastructure plan. Now, Schumer wants Mitch McConnell to share responsibility for the spending. It would be political insanity for the GOP to participate in the passing of a $3.5 trillion historic welfare-state expansion that the public doesn’t understand in the midst of growing fears over inflation.

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