Defending Her TERF | National Review

Defending Her TERF | National Review

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wrote today on the homepage about the important work being done by NR’s own Maddy Kearns on the trans insanity in women’s sports. If you value this work, we hope you’ll consider a donation:

Realizing the significance of the trans fight, especially for the status of women, Maddy took it up when it was almost impossible to imagine how much traction trans activists would gain.

I learned about TERFs through Maddy, who was involved in building cross-ideological coalitions on this issue as far back as 2018.

She wrote a deeply reported cover story a couple of years ago on the abuses of children undertaken in the name of gender reassignment.

She has highlighted the work of the doctors who have had the courage to push back against the madness.

She might be the foremost journalistic defender of J. K. Rowling, who has become a hate figure for maintaining that women are women and men are men.

She has written compellingly about the innate, inextricable differences between the sexes.

I could go on.

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