Cuomo might resign if he had a sense of shame. Does he? | National Review

Cuomo might resign if he had a sense of shame. Does he? | National Review

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks from the One World Trade Center Tower in New York City, June 15, 2021. (Mike Segar/Reuters)

I’ve made bad predictions before, but I don’t see Andrew Cuomo showing himself to the door just because the state AG issued an exhaustive report confirming what we have known since last winter: Cuomo is a shameless serial sexual harasser. If he were a low-level executive at any reputable company, he’d be fired. If he were a CEO, he’d be fired. Alas, though, Cuomo can’t be fired, except via a glacial impeachment process. Which he will delay as long as he can in order to blunt the effect of today’s report. If you are sufficiently brazen — and there just isn’t anybody more brazen, not even Bill Clinton — you can just ignore the heat and tough it out. See also: Northam, Ralph.

Press outrage and scorn from other elected officials can’t make Cuomo quit. If he doesn’t quit, impeachment may or may not oust him. I’m guessing not. I’m not even convinced there will be an impeachment. What then? If he runs for reelection next year, I think he’ll win a fourth term by double digits if his challenger is Lee Zeldin, the Long Island congressman who can very easily be painted as a Trump enabler in a state that despises Trump and has so far largely shrugged off Cuomo’s misdeeds. At the moment Zeldin is the “presumptive nominee,” according to the state GOP. I can picture Zeldin losing by 20 points more easily than I can see him beating Cuomo.

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