Cuomo Brothers Accused of Showboating on CNN While Thousands of NY Elderly Died

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo may be taking his younger brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo,  down with him in the nursing home scandal in which the governor withheld the true number of coronavirus deaths at the facilities in order to avoid federal scrutiny, Fox News reported on Monday.

Outrage is growing over the fact that as the surging death toll in nursing homes was being questioned, Chris Cuomo continuously treated his brother with kid gloves on his CNN show, “Cuomo Prime Time,” largely avoiding the scandal and instead carrying out playful on-air conversations with him.

“This isn’t just a government scandal. It’s a media scandal,” New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz wrote in a column. “For while the Cuomo administration was sentencing seniors to death, the media was busy fawning over Cuomo in a series of softball interviews, many of them conducted by his own brother.”

The Cuomo brothers joked on air about trivial topics while the scandal was unfolding, discussing which of the two would be considered their mother’s favorite child, according to Fox News. In one interview, the CNN anchor even gave his brother a cartoonishly oversized cotton swab to use for a coronavirus test.

As this was happening, Gov. Cuomo became a darling of the liberal media, writing a book about his leadership throughout the pandemic. In addition, the governor even won an Emmy Award for his coronavirus briefings, which received glowing coverage on CNN.

Even after the governor’s aide revealed last week the deceit about the true number of deaths, Chris Cuomo has neither mentioned it on his show nor has he tweeted about it.

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