Critical Race Theory Versus Our National Survival | National Review

Critical Race Theory Versus Our National Survival | National Review

The many people who are certain that America must be torn down and rebuilt along their utopian collectivist fantasies have unleashed a diabolical weapon — something called critical race theory. If its proponents were to have their way, the U.S. would be utterly transformed, from a country where people succeed or fail as individuals into one where government works incessantly to ensure “equity” among racial groups, favoring certain ones at the expense of others.

In today’s Martin Center article, law professor William Jacobson of Cornell explains why the fight against CRT is a fight for national survival. He writes, “The ideology of critical race theory puts, at its core, in its center, that race is the most important thing in a student’s life. That skin color is the most important thing in how their life is going to develop. It’s an extremely pernicious ideology. If you wanted to think of a way to tear this country apart, it’s hard to think of a way better than what they are doing.”

But CRT isn’t just about race. It smuggles in an attack on capitalism, telling listeners that we must adopt socialism which (contrary to all evidence) is fair and just.

Moreover, CRT isn’t even an academic theory. Theories can be debated. The purveyors of CRT abhor debate and insist that America is irredeemably racist. Anyone who challenges that only proves his own racism.

In his talk, Jacobson argues that we should not just oppose CRT, but put in place positive ideas about our ideals of individual liberty and limited government.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.

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