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Crowd Boos and Teammates Ignore Lia Thomas’s NCAA Victory | National Review

Lia Thomas prepares for the 200 free at the NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Ga. (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports via Reuters)

There is no point in being free if you are not able and willing to tell the truth. NR’s Maddy Kearns is one of the freest people alive.

When she first waded into the blender that is the trans debate, Maddy must have hovered her hand above her mouse for a moment before hitting “Publish.” Then, as now, she must have been fully aware that she was likely to court a whirlwind. But she did it anyway, and she continues to do it anyway, because she understands that it’s important to tell the truth even when it leads strangers to shout at you.

Writing recently about the absurdity of Lia Thomas competing in women’s swimming competition, I contended that “I would like to know who is fooled by this.” “My suspicion,” I continued, “is that almost nobody is fooled by this, but that almost everybody is scared to admit that in public.” Well, Maddy isn’t scared, and she isn’t fooled either. She writes on the topic, debates on the topic, talks on television about the topic, and makes videos about the topic. She is rigorous and persuasive and unfazed and an asset to us. She cares about what she does, and it shows.

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