Citigroup vs. Motherhood in Texas | National Review

Citigroup vs. Motherhood in Texas | National Review

I was just reading the Axios write-up (“Ignoring abortion access is getting harder for companies”) of a new Citigroup policy in Texas to pay for employee travel expenses for abortions, and this jumped out at me:

The company plan already covers people with, say, a heart condition who need treatment at a far-off hospital. This is no different. The benefit would extend to employees in any state where access is restricted.

And therein lies the big lie — that killing an unborn baby is anything like having a heart condition. We are so mired in the darkness of evil that we can’t see straight and insist on telling the lies loud and incessantly so no one can hear the cries of misery of the voiceless and the women who have been told that wrong is not only right but in many cases necessary. Say, for your career. What Citi is doing is about their bottom line. Moms are inconvenient to that.

I also noticed this:

Not only would travel expenses be reimbursed, but paid sick leave would cover any time off for an employee who needs to travel, get the procedure done and recover.

But, whatever would the pregnant person have to recover from?

If the tyranny of Roe ends, there’s going to be so much more work to do. Get ready. We all need to do more to embrace women with love and resources for life and flourishing.

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