Bob McEwen to Newsmax TV: Dems Exploit COVID to Push Agenda

Bob McEwen to Newsmax TV: Dems Exploit COVID to Push Agenda

Former Rep. Bob McEwen, R-Ohio, says Democrats are attempting to exploit their own agenda in the COVID-19 relief bill, despite willingness from Republicans to negotiate on the proposed $1.9 trillion package.

“The idea of trying to negotiate or being considered is something I think Republicans would like to do,” McEwen told Newsmax TV‘s “American Agenda.”

“The numbers are outstanding. The two worst locations, of course, are New York and California, where they won’t open the economy. If they would, this thing could write itself very rapidly. But their desire is to reach into the federal till to write these checks.

“This is above and beyond the budget, such as the $15 minimum wage. This doesn’t have anything to do with budget. This is their agenda that they wish to exploit the first few days in office, such as the 1776 commission that he couldn’t even wait until the end of the day to get rid of. His agenda is more important than listening to the people, and I think that’s very dangerous.”

Senate Democrats on Tuesday cleared a procedural hurdle on the road to passing President Joe Biden’s spending plan, with 50 members voting to proceed to debate over the budget resolution that serves as the vehicle for the aid package.

“We cannot, cannot afford to dither, delay or dilute,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a speech ahead of the vote. “We need a big, bold package along the lines of what President Biden has proposed, the American Relief Plan. We hope that our Republican colleagues will join us in offering amendments.”

Biden met Monday with a group of Senate Republicans offering a $618 billion counterproposal, but Democrats felt it was not enough, per Politico.

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