Blinken: ‘Several Thousand’ Legal Permanent U.S. Residents Left in Afghanistan | National Review

Secretary Blinken’s Gibberish about Afghanistan | National Review

Secretary of State Antony Blinken speaks during a joint news conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Doha, Qatar, September 7, 2021. (Olivier Douliery/Reuters)

At a congressional hearing on Monday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken admitted that thousands of legal permanent residents of the United States were left in Afghanistan: 


“This is a national humiliation,” Nebraska GOP senator Ben Sasse says in a statement responding to Blinken. “Let’s be very clear about this: These men and women are legal permanent residents of the United States. When America gives someone a green card, it’s a promise that their permanent home is here in the United States with us. President Biden abandoned thousands of these American residents behind Taliban lines to fend for themselves. He has a duty to bring every single American citizen and green card holder home. No more happy talk about the blood-thirsty Taliban — get our people home.”

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