Biden on ‘Younger Transgender Americans’ | National Review

Biden on ‘Younger Transgender Americans’ | National Review

In his State of the Union address, President Biden declared that, “as I said last year, especially to our younger transgender Americans, I will always have your back as your president, so you can be yourself and reach your God-given potential.”

“Younger transgender Americans” — it’s a phrase with no shortage of implications.

How, exactly, does the president think “younger transgender Americans” should be best backed up, and helped to reach their God-given potential? What kinds of treatments — surgical and hormonal — does he believe should be administered to those under the age of 18? If so, at what age should what treatments be adopted? Would he apply the “transphobic” label to those parents and physicians who might dissent from the idea that the right way to handle gender dysphoria is proceeding apace with full affirmation of the new identity?

“Younger transgender Americans.” Really think about it, for a moment.

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