Biden Is Being Bullied by the Taliban | National Review

Biden Is Being Bullied by the Taliban | National Review

CNN is reporting that Joe Biden has preemptively declined to extend his self-imposed deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan — despite having no guarantees that every American citizen and Afghan refugee who assisted us in our failed 20-year nation-building project will have been evacuated by that time. Considering the ill-planned and incompetent withdrawal efforts thus far, no one should have any confidence that the job will be done in a week. This is just another inexplicable decision in a series of mind-boggling blunders, though Biden reportedly is seeking contingency plans in case his view changes. The Taliban warned that a “violation” of the Trump agreement would lead to “consequences.” But as Biden knows, the United States made no unconditional promise to exit. The Taliban have already broken their agreement many times over. Moreover, why is Biden allowing a third-world Islamic militia to dictate the actions of the world’s most powerful military? It’s just shameful.

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