Ben Stein to Newsmax TV: California a ‘Repressive’ State

Ben Stein to Newsmax TV: California a 'Repressive' State

The largest states in the United States say they have a pandemic crushing their economies, but it is the mismanagement of the pandemic that truly hurt them, according to economist Ben Stein on Newsmax TV.

“The big states have been run by extremely repressive administrations,” Stein told Saturday’s “The Count.” “I see their administration here inside in California, which is the biggest state by far.

“It’s astonishingly repressive. I mean, it clamps down on everything they possibly can clamp down on, and then they wonder, why is it people are moving out of the state in large numbers.”

States like California and New York are filled with the biggest businesses, but they are run as if they are “fundamentally anti-business,” Stein added to co-hosts Heather Childers and Joe Pinion.

“We have, in California, government which is, basically, not really a free enterprise the government anymore,” Stein said.

He added, Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom, facing a fierce recall campaign, just acts on his political interests, not the interests of his people. It is that way because Democrats can run unopposed in a Democrat-stranglehold.

“You assume that the politicians in California really give that much of a what the voters think,” Stein said. “They don’t really care that much with voters think. They know California’s a reliably Democratic state. They know they can pretty much do anything they want to get away with.

“There’s just nobody stopping these anti-business and anti-worship people, at least in our state of California. There’s nobody stopping them.”

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