Attackers Throw Molotov Cocktails at Jewish Home in Israel – Washington Free Beacon

Attackers Throw Molotov Cocktails at Jewish Home in Israel - Washington Free Beacon

Assailants threw Molotov cocktails at a Jewish home in the Israeli city of Lod on Thursday night.

Two people dressed in dark clothes were captured on video throwing three of the flaming bottles—often used as weapons of vandalism or terrorism—and dashing away from the scene in security camera footage. No one was hurt in the attack, but residents reported property damage to Israeli authorities. Lod’s police forces are investigating the incident.

Israel’s deputy education minister Meir Porush said it is “inconceivable” that Israeli citizens may be afraid to leave their homes during this period of extended unrest that began with rocket fire from Hamas in early May.

“The state must treat the rioters in Lod with a heavy hand,” Porush said. “It is inconceivable that residents of a city in Israel are afraid to leave their homes and need to organize shifts to protect their families. I will talk to the public security minister and the police chief and demand a police presence from them in order to restore calm to the city of Lod.”

Lod, a city with one of Israel’s largest percentage of Arab residents, has faced severe friction since the Gaza crisis began. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared a state of emergency in the city on May 11 after a surge in violence, looting, and rioting.

Additional violence in the city comes as Israelis fear a breakdown in peace efforts with the Iran-backed Hamas. Israel Defense Forces warned Thursday they are preparing for a second offensive from Hamas, which still possesses thousands of rockets capable of striking Israel.

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