All the Right Enemies: Episode IV | National Review

All the Right Enemies: Episode IV | National Review

Ron DeSantis has all the right enemies — this we know. But up to this point, I have catalogued examples of his helpful opponents on the left: CBS and the perpetrators of 60 Minutes’ shoddy hit piece on the Florida governor, potential 2022 gubernatorial opponent Nikki Fried, and MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

Much to DeSantis’s delight, though, he may have some enemies in the seedy alt-right underworld as well. Scott Greer, a former Daily Caller employee who used to write pseudonymously for the white-nationalist Radix Journalcomplains that DeSantis might not be the “promised NazBol-” (National Bolshevism, oh joy!) “strongman” because he signed into law a bill requiring “public K-20 educational institution to treat discrimination by students or employees or resulting from institutional policies motivated by anti-Semitism in an identical manner to discrimination motivated by race.” The horror.

If DeSantis has the ire of not only the most dishonest names in left-wing media, but also the most despicable people that the media will attempt to cast him as being an ally of, the governor’s future might be even brighter than we thought.

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