20 Things That Caught My Eye Today: Transgender Dangers in the Open & More | National Review

20 Things That Caught My Eye Today: Transgender Dangers in the Open & More | National Review

1. Further evidence we don’t listen to one another — this has never been a secret. 

Perhaps if the annual march to the Supreme Court for exactly that were more widely covered (before Donald Trump showed up).




4. Father Considers Lawsuit Against Gender Clinic For Affirming 9-Year-Old Autistic Son As Transgender Lesbian

Bauwens singled out an entry in the case notes that quotes the boy saying “imagination is real” and “reality is dead to me,” which she said “certainly raises concerns about this child’s ability to understand and consent to his treatment plan.”

5. Transgender athletes and the Olympics — Chelsea Mitchell on the unfairness of trans women at the Olympics

Transgender women have advantages that make competition against females inequitable, says an American collegiate runner.

For years I was a top-ranked runner in my home state of Connecticut. Because of the transgender policy, I lost four women’s state championship titles and two all-New England awards, not to mention many other second-and third-place spots on the podium, to biologically male athletes. And I’m not alone; these two biological males bumped more than 80 female athletes out of qualifying for higher levels of competition during numerous events over three years.

6. Wesley J. Smith: At Last! Establishment Pushback Against Puberty Blocking

These hormones and substances were approved for treating pathologies in adolescence, not for preventing normal maturation. Such “off label” uses of these substances is rank experimentation conducted on children.

7. Maya T. Prabhu: Georgia’s abortion rate increases for third consecutive year

The latest figures, for 2020, were released earlier this month as Georgia continues to defend its restrictive anti-abortion law. The law would have banned the procedure in most cases when a doctor could detect fetal cardiac activity — typically about six weeks into a pregnancy.

8. Hannah Yoest: Simone Biles Isn’t Fearless. That’s A Good Thing.

By demanding robotic perfection, Biles’s detractors are denying her humanity.





12.  Wu Xiuying Reports for Human Rights Without Frontiers that a bishop and priests were arrested by the CCP for rejecting the Vatican-CCP deal; that the priests have been “re-educated” while the whereabouts of Henan bishop, Joseph Zhang, is unknown. It’s a continuation of Mao’s systematic persecution initiated by the CCP during barbaric cruelties of the Cultural Revolution.

13. After six surgeries, South Sudan bishop who was shot eager to get back

He arrived in early April and was not even yet ordained a bishop when he was shot on April 26, just after midnight, when two armed men broke into the bishop-elect’s house and shot him in the legs.

14. Archdioceses of Boston and St. Louis make masks optional for school. 

15. U.S. students ended the pandemic school year 4 to 5 months behind, a new report finds.

For example, students attending schools whose student bodies were mainly Black or Hispanic ended the school year six months behind where they normally would have been in math, compared with four months behind for students in mainly white schools.

Similarly, students who attended a school where the average household income was less than $25,000 a year were seven months behind in math by the end of the term, compared with four months behind for schools where the average income was greater than $75,000.

16. Covid Misinformation Comes From the Top, Too

The C.D.C. vastly overstated the risks of outdoor spread of the virus, which (at least until the emergence of the Delta variant) appears to be closer to 0.1 percent than as high as 10 percent. Fauci lied — there’s no other word for it — about what he saw as the threshold figure for reaching herd immunity, based, as Donald McNeil reported in The Times in December, on “his gut feeling that the country is finally ready to hear what he really thinks.”


18. The Unfairness of the Marriage Tax Penalty

Marriage should not penalize any taxpayer under our tax laws. Congress should stop treating two married taxpayers, both earning income, as a single taxpayer. That is, in large part, what creates these built-in marriage penalties. The Biden Covid-19 relief bill does not create marriage penalties. Far from it. That bill treats individuals as individuals. Each individual making under $75,000 is entitled to a $1400 stimulus check. If you are married to someone making under $75,000 you and your spouse each get a check. You are not treated as one.

The problem of the marriage penalty is not attributable to the Biden bill. It is attributed to the tax code and it is time to fix that inequity.

19. Breaking the Habit of Outsourcing the Ongoing Catechesis of Our Children

Yes, it is a crisis for the Church who is losing members, but even more it is a crisis for those who disaffiliate because they are flitting away from the Good News that gives life.

We like to look for programs and strategies that will solve our problems. If we could “just press play” on the right thing, that would do it. For this problem, though, there are no shortcuts. We cannot outsource this responsibility. The only way to hand on a faith worth caring about is to become people who are confident in this faith and competent in passing it on. 


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