10 Times Biden Lashed Out at Americans, the Press

10 Times Biden Lashed Out at Americans, the Press

President Joe Biden’s aides reportedly claim that when the commander in chief yells at one of his subordinates, that might be a sign of respect.

According to an Axios report revealing “Biden’s private fury,” aides describe experiencing the president’s rage as an “internal initiation ceremony.”

Axios reported that Biden is prone to yelling and verbal degradation based on what current aides have to say about their boss.

Some aides told the outlet that they are sometimes too afraid to meet alone with Biden. Current aides allege that he has reprimanded people in the office, saying, “God dammit, how the f— don’t you know this?!,” “Don’t f–king bulls— me!,” and “Get the f— out of here!”

Worry not, because some of Biden’s aides think his short fuse should console voters that the 80-year-old is not “disengaged” or “too old for office,” according to the article.

To make a point that Biden’s angry demeanor paints a “complicated picture of Biden as a manager,” the article notes that his aides say “being yelled at by the president has become an internal initiation ceremony in this White House … if Biden doesn’t yell at you, it could be a sign he doesn’t respect you.”

If Axios’ reporting about Biden’s management style is accurate, the president has shown tremendous respect to the American people and the press—in a rather unconventional manner.

The Daily Signal has compiled 10 examples of Biden’s “respect” shown in this manner:

1. Hot Mic Expletive

 A hot mic captured Biden calling a reporter a “stupid son of a b—-” in January 2022 when a Fox News reporter asked a question about inflation leading up to midterms. The president appears to have been unaware that the microphone was still on and captured his remark for the audience.

2. Calls Man ‘Fat’ and ‘a Damn Liar’

Candidate Biden, who said in December 2020 he decided to run for president because he “knows more than most people know,” also delivered these blows to an Iowa voter he called “fat” who inquired about improper dealings with his son, Hunter:

“You wanna check my shape? Let’s do push-ups together, let’s run, let’s do whatever you want to do, let’s take an IQ test.”

“Get your words straight, Jack!”

“You’re a damn liar, man!”

3. ‘You’re Full of S—‘

This was Biden’s response to an autoworker who accused him of actively trying to end the Second Amendment in March 2020. The heated exchange goes on for almost two minutes with Biden raising his voice to intimidate the autoworker.

4. Shouts ‘No’ at Reporter

A clip from a CNN broadcast on June 28, 2023, shows the president getting grilled by reporters about his knowledge of his son Hunter’s involvement with China. Biden, frustrated at the onslaught of questions at the same time, yells “no” at a reporter who asked if he too was involved.

5. ‘Go Back and Read What I Said’

When a reporter in January 2022 asked Biden about a statement the president made comparing those who oppose his election reform to segregationists, Biden cut him off, firmly saying, “Go back and read what I said.” 

As the reporter began to talk again, Biden cut him off, condescendingly saying, “That is an interesting reading of English. I assume you got into journalism because you like to write.”

6. ‘What the Hell, What Do You Do All the Time?’

The president yelled this at a reporter who asked a question not on the pre-approved list of questions in June 2021. When the reporter pushed on and continued questioning Biden on why he is so confident Russian President Vladimir Putin will change his behavior, despite showing no remorse for the human rights violations he’s committed, Biden responded by saying, “If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong business.”

7. ‘Lying, Dog-Faced Pony Soldier’

When a 21-year-old college student questioned then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s poor performance in the Iowa caucuses in February 2020, he asked her if she had ever been to a caucus. When she responded “yes,” Biden called her a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.”

8. ‘Go Vote for Someone Else’

A former Democratic legislator from Iowa spoke with Biden at a January 2020 event, trying to get a picture with the candidate. He told Biden that he would support him in the general election, but perhaps not in the primary, because he thought the president was wrong about building and replacing pipelines. Biden did not take kindly to this, as he told him, “You have to go vote for someone else,” while pushing him.

9. Big Guy

A reporter asked Biden on June 15, 2023, why Hunter Biden’s former business partner referred to Joe Biden as “the big guy.” Instead of addressing the question, Biden retorted by asking, “Why do you ask such a dumb question?”

10. ‘Give Me a Break, Man’

The president deflected an inquiry about dealings with China on Feb. 16, 2023, by telling reporters to give him a break. He then walked off without answering any further questions, saying, “You can come to my office and ask a question when you have more polite people with you.”

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