You can create your own AI songs with this new Copilot extension

You can create your own AI songs with this new Copilot extension

Microsoft’s Copilot Teams Up with AI Music Startup Suno to Generate Songs on Demand

Microsoft’s AI chatbot, Copilot, has partnered with AI music startup Suno to enable users to create AI-generated songs effortlessly. Suno, based in Cambridge, offers a Discord tool that composes original songs, complete with lyrics, based on text prompts. Copilot users can access Suno through the Microsoft chatbot, providing them with the ability to generate music by signing into their accounts and enabling the Suno plug-in.

To create music, users need to formulate a simple one- or two-line text prompt describing their desired song, such as “create a folk song about Alaska summers” or “write a song about cats in the style of Cat Power.” Once entered into Copilot, Suno generates an original song, typically lasting one to two minutes, along with a transcript of the lyrics.

Several major tech companies, including Meta and Google, are experimenting with generative AI music tools. For example, Meta’s open-source AudioCraft generates songs based on text prompts, and Google’s YouTube tool produces original music tracks from hummed tunes or text prompts. Suno, along with other AI music startups like Soundful, Magenta, Beatbox, Soundraw, Loudly, Boomy,, and others, has entered the scene, offering similar tools.

While Suno prohibits free users from monetizing AI-generated songs on platforms like YouTube or Spotify, it grants commercial rights to paid users. It’s worth noting that Suno retains the rights to songs generated by free users, although sharing on social platforms or other non-commercial uses is permitted.