USC’s Chevez Goodwin elbows Colorado’s McKinley Wright in head, stays in game

USC's Chevez Goodwin elbows Colorado's McKinley Wright in head, stays in game

USC big man Chevez Goodwin elbowed Colorado guard McKinley Wright in the head during the teams’ Pac-12 Tournament semifinal Friday night. Officials called Goodwin for a technical foul but allowed him to remain in the game.

The incident occurred with 13:50 remaining in the first half. Goodwin swung his elbows while holding the ball after a whistle and made hard contact with Wright, sending the Buffaloes’ top scorer to the floor.

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Wright, who has suffered concussions in the past, was taken to the locker room for evaluation. He returned to the game with 7:08 remaining in the half. 

Goodwin made himself even more of a villain to CU fans by flopping on the other end of the floor after minimal contact minutes after the elbow. He was issued a flop warning after a replay review.

The Buffaloes hung on to beat the Trojans 72-70 and advance to Saturday’s conference tournament final against Oregon State, which upset top seed Oregon in Friday’s first semi.

This article has been updated with Colorado winning the game.

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