Ticket prices for Tom Brady’s return to New England to face the Patriots are absurd

Ticket prices for Tom Brady's return to New England to face the Patriots are absurd

How much would you pay to see a GOAT?

Tom Brady is set to make his return to Foxborough, Mass., this fall, with the Buccaneers traveling to Gillette Stadium to take on Bill Belichick and the Patriots in Week 4 of the 2021 season.

Of course, Brady is returning to New England for the first time since joining the Buccaneers and winning Super Bowl 55 — his seventh, and first outside of New England — so of course fans will be lining up to see him. But it won’t be cheap.

Unearthed by Bleacher Report’s Master Tesfatsion, tickets for the Pats-Bucs matchup are going to be exorbitantly expensive, with the higher-end seats nearing $9,000 a pop. 

A cheaper ticket will cost fans $1,400, or the price of a MacBook:

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For comparison, tickets for the Week 7 Jets vs. Patriots matchup are much more in line with a typical Pats home game: $300 for a cheaper ticket, up to around $1,200 for the more expensive seats. 

Brady and Belichick facing off for the first time in their NFL careers is going to lead to so many interesting storylines: Will Mac Jones get the start by that point? Will the Patriots put up a fight?

Perhaps, though, the most interesting question: Why would Patriots fans want to pay that much over value to see Brady’s return? Well, people pay for boxing pay-per-views for one of two reasons: To witness greatness, or to see fighters get knocked out.

Probably a mix of both here. 

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