What Gives Signal Genesys An Edge Over Other White-Label SEO Software?

Signal Genesys Offers Unmatched White-Label SEO Software

SEO is a constantly evolving and complex digital marketing strategy that agencies heavily rely on. In a sea full of white label SEO software, why should an agency choose Signal Genesys? The white label SEO software company discusses its proprietary features and functions that have been developed explicitly for better online search outcomes.

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1. Cloud app & app channels

Signal Genesys enables agencies to launch a cloud app for each client and instantly deploy enterprise-level apps like Media Rooms and Social Media app channels. 

The media room app is a powerful software tool that automates and manages a client’s online newsrooms, distribution, and press release publishing. Hosted on the Amazon cloud with full SSL, this tool is organized and supported by the Signal Genesys team and has an option to integrate the media room directly into the client’s website. Delivering a unique value proposition to clients, this white-label PR strategy enables marketers to easily brand the media room software, press release articles, and media site pickups to their agency brand.

With the social feed or social wall feature, social posts from the clients’ Twitter and Reddit accounts are automatically posted to the clients’ websites via the integration code. The social app channels help generate social signals directly on the clients’ websites and introduce a new web technology agencies can install on the clients’ websites to deliver more value along with more ranking signals.

2. Google Maps API integration

Local small businesses always seek to improve their rankings locally at an economical cost. Agencies focusing on Local SEO can leverage the Quantum platform’s GMB signals to generate through our direct Google Maps API integration.  

The Signal Genesys platform is engineered to drive strong local rankings for clients by removing the typical manual processes and enhancing map pack and organic rankings by creating authoritative GMB and site signals. 

3. Inline Video Embeds

With Signal Genesys, agencies can incorporate inline images and videos at no extra cost. This standard feature with Signal Genesys requires an agency to copy/paste a video embed code directly into the article, and the article is ready to go. 

4. Permanent Archives

The Signal Genesys” permanent PR archiving preserves the presence of the PR on all media sites and creates a permanent link for the PR for each of these media site pickups. Unlike other SEO services where the client’s content continues to show up on page one even after 30 days but shows a 404 error when clicked, Signal Genesys keeps press release pickups live for at least 90 days and, in most cases, forever. Every published article on the Quantum Engine is immortalized on a public archive site. 

Moreover, these permanent archives of each pickup dynamically link back to the original publication on the target site establishing the brand’s authority around each press release.

5. Dashboard Reporting

The Signal Genesys dashboard allows agencies to access the aggregate signal reporting for each company they add to their account. The report can be customized to show all the live signs of all the press releases of a company or signals of a particular press release. As the articles get released on 40+ media sites, they generate signals based on the number of places removed and the number of text links, map links, videos, and citations included in the articles. The dashboard makes it easy for agencies to track the performance of their press releases and share it with their clients. 

6. In-App Training & Support

Learning a new technology can seem daunting. Signal Genesys has invested thought, strategy, time, and effort in creating stellar support and training technology and protocol. With its growing knowledge base, Signal Genesys is helping customers succeed easily with cutting-edge PR and content marketing training. Agencies can expedite their learning curve when using the Signal Genesys platform. It’s’ a user-friendly platform that makes reporting an absolute breeze.  

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About Signal Genesys

Signal Genesys is a proprietary Web Presence Platform, and Online Signal Generation Engine™ developed exclusively for Digital Marketing Agencies and their clients after years of research and experience. All content published on the proprietary content marketing and signal generation engine™ is always private-labeled. Signal Genesys is invisible in the publishing process, and its agency partners are the listed publishers of all content to the major media sites and their client websites or other digital assets.

Agencies can visit https://go.signalgenesys.com to learn the pricing and view video testimonials from clients and a live media room and social wall examples. For more information, email [email protected] or call (833) 747-0700.