VETPAW help sustain livelihood,enhance bilateral tie,protect endangered wildlife

What is sustainability?

In the 21st century, sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is one of the most relevant concerns and goals in the world today. Every action that VETPAW takes is in alignment with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of No Poverty, Life on Land, and Decent work and economic growth. 

Sustainable livelihood 

Veterans and rangers 

# The VETPAW salary has empowered US war veterans from all walks of life to contribute meaningfully towards the conservation of wildlife.

# These veterans in turn are educating and sharing their knowledge with the local community and enrolling them to help save the endangered species in Africa. The locals are made aware that the survival of wildlife is crucial to their own sustenance and that of their future generations.

# VETPAW is training South African rangers in skills such as marksmanship, medical care, infantry tactics, unit cohesion, patrolling, and community outreach in their fight against poaching. 

Local communities 

# A vital pillar of the mission in Africa is the sustainable upliftment of communities surrounding the reserves that VETPAW supports.

# VETPAW continues to curate sustainability projects that will help provide a reliable income to local communities. 

# One project taught the locals to crochet, which is a valuable skill for making clothes and other necessities. 

# The “Bracelets for hope” was another project that represented the love, diversity, and strength of the local community.  

# Spearheaded by our community mentor, these projects went on to raise funds to help support the community during COVID-19.

Sustainable diplomatic ties

# The engagement of VETPAW with rangers, national parks, and government agencies in the war against poaching has enhanced bilateral ties between the US and African nations. 

# The finest US military equipment and a versatile training program are helping rangers combat well-armed poachers. 

# The veteran participation has also elevated the perception of the military at home and abroad as the veterans, otherwise struggling to find meaningful employment, are contributing to crucial UN SDGs.

Sustainable wildlife conservation

Operation Rhino Rise is a comprehensive effort by VETPAW to extensively increase the population of Black Rhino and other endangered wildlife to a realistic and sustainable number capable of continuous growth for generations to come.

With this campaign, VETPAW has managed to:

# strengthen the protective ranger force with an upgraded skill-set;

# extend the veterans’ support to other threatened reserves by increasing the ranks of local rangers;

# offer state-of-the-art electronic monitoring and satellite-based analytics for the rangers, team members, and conservationists and;

# partner with local communities and impart new trade skills that help them sustain their families.

The VETPAW experience invites people from across the globe to help in the conservation efforts and experience first-hand the majesty of the African wildlife and how it is in danger of extinction. 

# This awareness and hands-on conservation experience lead to conscientious decisions that protect wildlife indirectly.  

# Alone, organizations and the governments cannot sustain the efforts effectively, too long. But the support and choices of the masses boost these endeavors. 

VETPAW – Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife

Founded in 2013, VETPAW is a non-profit organization and a community of US war veterans dedicated to protecting African wildlife and training local African rangers in the war against poaching.

Visit or call at (929) 269-5329 to make a contribution or volunteer for sustainability and wildlife conservation.