Various Types of Window Tints That Homeowners Can Choose From

Discover a variety of home window tint installations

Window tints are sophisticated products that offer multiple layers of protection from UV, offer privacy and security, reduce heat and glare, enhance curb appeal, and prevent fading. However, the multitude of options available in the market can make choosing the right home window tint installation difficult. Oak City Glass offers important insights into the various types of home window tint installations that homeowners can choose from.

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1. Solar Window Tint

One of the most popular tints, solar window tint solar control film is ideal for homeowners residing in sunny areas. This tint protects the skin from the harsh UV rays while allowing ample light to stream in.

This window tint not only blocks the UV rays but also helps regulate the indoor temperature by deflecting the sunlight. This helps in saving energy and reducing utility bills.

Homeowners can choose from window tints that allow varying degrees of light into the house. For instance, a window tint percentage of 70% will block only 30% of the sunlight while a 50% window tint percentage will allow 50% of the sunlight to stream in. 

2. Decorative Window Tint

Homeowners looking to add an aesthetic appeal to their windows can opt for decorative window tints. Available in a vast array of colors, patterns, and designs, these can also be colored, frosted, translucent, or even opaque.

Visible only from the inside, decorative window tints do not allow visitors to see indoors thereby offering privacy to the residents. However, this tint does not block UV rays and does not enhance the strength of the window due to its thinness. 

3. Safety and Security Window Tint

Offering the thickest films available, security window tints enhance the overall strength of the glass, offer privacy, and minimize the damage of shattering glass. However, this tint does not reflect sunlight. This type of window installation is ideal for security purposes and privacy. 

4. Glare Control Window Tint

Popular in offices, this type of window installation controls the glare by blocking the sunlight. This enhances the productivity of the employees as they don’t get disturbed by the sunlight reflecting off the laptop screens. 

5. Mirror Window Tint

This window tint installation creates a mirror effect on the windows, offering either a one-way or two-way effect. This means that a person on either one side or both sides of the window will see only one’s own reflection in the glass. This tint not only adds privacy but also offers glare control and aesthetic appeal to a property.

6. Ceramic Window Tint

The most expensive of the lot, ceramic window tint is non-reflective and non-conductive, thereby cutting down significantly on the amount of UV rays. These tints are very durable, less prone to fading, and enhance a window’s strength.

7. Metalized Window Tint

Metalized tints use tiny particles of various metals such as copper, aluminum, or nickel. This tint helps to deflect heat and light from a room just like a solar tint. There are hybrid options available in the market which have the lighter dyed look of normal window tint along with the thermoregulation properties of a metalized tint.

The right home window tint installation can make a huge impact on comfort, savings, aesthetics, and security. Homeowners can contact a reliable glass repair company like Oak City Glass for home window tint installation services.

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