Top three reasons for choosing fly fishing guide service

Fly Fishing Guide Service

A fly fishing guide will help mentor fishing enthusiasts and teach them the basic nuances of fly fishing. The two most important things needed to be a great fly fishing guide are passion and excellent fishing skills.

A fly fishing guide service is an excellent option for a summer job and a serious career. It is a terrific way to connect with nature, spend time outdoors, and earn a living. The best thing about being a fly fishing guide is that one can work with a fishing outfitter or branch out on their own and work independently.

River Run Angling has an excellent fly fishing guide service in East Tennessee and has just the perfect set of guides to help a client find the right experience with total satisfaction. 

“Our number one priority at River Run Angling is to provide a 5-star fishing experience to each guest that fishes with us. In addition, we are passionate about teaching others about this amazing pastime.” – Taylor Klarman, River Run Angling.

Why River Run Angling for Fly Fishing Guide Service

The guides at River Run Angling possess all the key qualities required to be top-notch professionals in the business. The top three reasons for hiring River Run Angling guide service are:

Excellent Fishing Skills

A fly fishing guide must first be an accomplished fisherman with several years of experience under their belt. Every client can range in experience levels from an amateur keen to learn from an experienced professional to the most seasoned of anglers. The experience would also include knowledge about the behavior and biology of all the different fish species in the local rivers. By spending enough time on the water, the guides would be aware of the favorite spots where the fish would be present in the river. Sharing this knowledge with the clients reflects on the professional nature of the fishing guide and merits their credibility in the business.

Be a pro at training others

A fly fishing guide would not be casting lines the whole day. Instead, they would be required to patiently instruct customers in the techniques of casting a fly fishing line and presentation techniques. As a guide, the prime task would be to advise, coach, and assist the clients in trying their hand at fly fishing. Some basics would be the tasks a fly fishing guide would attend to, like tying the knots, choosing a fly, and casting the line. Patience and maturity would be key here as the clients could require assistance at every step, depending on their skillsets. 

Using the right gear

The fly fishing guide service should ideally be a one-stop solution for the customer by offering all the right gear and tools for the day of fishing. However, most clients are beginners or take it up as a holiday hobby. So naturally, they might not be keen to invest in owning all the gear, which is costly and takes up a lot of space and maintenance. Also, with time, newer models and technology take over, and equipment needs to be replaced and upgraded. It is costly for an individual to invest as a beginner or a hobbyist.

River Run Angling recently received a 5-star review from a customer who said, “Taylor was an incredible guide! He put us on fish all day and was very knowledgeable about the hatch and what to use for each situation. The equipment he uses is top-of-the-line, and he had multiple rods already rigged up for dry and nymph opportunities. He helped me land the first brown trout I’ve caught in about 20 years and the first trout ever on a dry fly. He was also safe and made us comfortable while he navigated the Watauga and South Holston Rivers. Not to mention, he is just a good guy. He will be who I call the next time I need a drift guide!”

Contact Taylor Klarman at [email protected] or call (423) 408-9438 to learn more about South Holston River fishing, Watauga River fishing, and East Tennessee Fly Fishing.