Three Reasons to Select a Different Title Insurance Company

Heartland Abstract is a title insurance agency serving Pottstown, PA, Montgomery County, PA, and the surrounding communities. The specialists offer unbiased, uncontracted title insurance services so that their customers can enjoy access to fewer fees, experienced industry professionals, and top-notch results.

Three Tips the Realtor Won’t Share About Choosing The Right Pennsylvania Title Insurance Company

The real estate buying process does not need to be complicated with the right support. The market might feel like a race against time, but homebuyers would do well to take a step back when considering title insurance options. There is an understandable temptation to use the services of the realtor’s suggested title insurance broker under pressure, but it isn’t always the best choice financially. 

Instead, Pennsylvania’s premier title insurance experts at Heartland Abstract provide three reasons to forego the realtor’s choice and turn to a dedicated specialist.

#1 Specialists Charge Lower Fees

Most real estate agencies work with a title insurance company for a share in the profits. The real estate agency sends its clients to the chosen title insurer and receives a share of the sale. Since a typical buyer trusts their realtor, they are often disappointed when they expect to receive a good deal by choosing the realtor’s favorite company.

However, the realtor or title insurer will often add extra fees to help their partner company reap the rewards since the two entities share profits. More money paid to the title insurer will mean a bigger cut for the realtor unless clients choose a specialist like Heartland Abstract instead. As a completely independent title insurance company, Heartland Abstract’s team is a far more cost-effective option.

#2 Title Insurance Requires Full Transparency

Heartland Abstract provides clients with transparent and affordable pricing structures that only cover what they need. The team is happy to explain every fee or payment’s purpose and provide options for coverage that few realtors would disclose. All title insurance in Pennsylvania uses the same formula, but some unscrupulous title companies bend these rules by adding costs, such as: 

  • Conveyance fees
  • Wire fees
  • Settlement fees
  • Document preparation fees

Heartland Abstract does not charge these fees on their title insurance. Pennsylvania’s homebuyers can save by working with us and avoiding these additions.

#3 Competent Service from Title Insurance Experts

The biggest reason to hire an independent title insurer is access to expertise. No realtor offers the same title insurance experience as a specialist like Heartland Abstract. A homebuyer should not need to rely on their realtor for title insurance suggestions when they could find the same knowledge from a quick online search. 

The real estate law experts at Heartland Abstract offer more than 70 years of combined experience in Pennsylvania’s title insurance industry. They have an excellent reputation as a competent title insurance company and streamline the closing process with full transparency on costs and administrative details. If a realtor can’t match those services, choose title insurance with us instead.

“Once a respected part of the real estate process, title insurance has been hijacked by realtors into another revenue generator for them. The wise, respected title professional has been replaced by the slickster whose only real skill is writing checks to the brokers. There are precious few title agencies geared to protecting the consumer, the actual policyholder.” – Andrew Monastra of Heartland Abstract

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