Restoration Company Shares Advice About Purchasing Water Damaged Homes

Since 2006, Major Restoration Services, a veteran-owned damage restoration company, has been serving South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. The team of licensed and insured technicians provides restoration services for water, fire, mold, and biohazardous events in residential and commercial buildings. Major Restoration Services offers customer-centric focus, 24/7/365 support, competitive pricing, and on-time service with satisfaction guaranteed on all work.

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Tips for Buying a Water-Damaged Home

The realtor has found the dream home: the best schools, a great location, the perfect layout, exquisite hardscapes, beautiful landscaping, and all at a fantastic price. Then, there is the discovery that the home suffered a water damage disaster, making the investment potentially risky. Major Restoration Services offers seven tips to consider when purchasing a home that has suffered water damage in the past.

Tip #1: Ask tough questions and obtain satisfactory answers before committing to purchase the home.

The prospective buyer must find answers to some tough questions before committing to purchase a home that has suffered a significant water damage disaster.

  1. What was the source of the water intrusion, and was it fully remedied? Was it burst pipes, an appliance failure, a roof leak, or flood damage?
  2. What was the extent of the water damage?
  3. How long were the affected areas exposed to water and moisture before discovery and repairs?
  4. Was mold remediation required, and is there documentation validating test results?
  5. Did the water damage impact the HVAC system, the ductwork, or the electrical system?
  6. What structural repairs were made? Did it involve support beams, floor joists, or the foundation?
  7. What company performed the restoration work? Were they licensed contractors with a solid reputation? Is there documentation of the work done? Did the company successfully complete the restoration and repairs? Was any phase of the reconstruction a DIY project? Are all repairs up to code?
  8. Were the repairs paid for out of pocket or by an insurance company? Will insurance cover any future issues stemming from the original water damage disaster?
  9. Is the homeowner or realtor willing and able to document answers to these and other questions about the water damage?

Tip #2: Obtain a home inspection by an independent, certified professional.

A house that has a water damage event in its past carries some risk for the prospective buyer. Leave nothing to chance when doing risk analysis on a home, the largest single purchase a person will make in their lifetime.

Tip #3: Secure a mold inspection that includes an indoor air quality report.

Bring in a certified, reputable mold inspection company to independently inspect and report on the mold situation. If the property truly is a dream home at a great price, the expense of the mold inspection is worth the peace of mind. It never hurts to ask the homeowner to pay for the test. Other prospective buyers will likely have similar concerns that can only be satisfied with a mold inspection.

Tip #4: Negotiate!

Take any concerns to the negotiation table. The homeowner may be willing to pay for any additional repairs or make concessions on the selling price to assuage any fears a prospective buyer might have about future structural or mold issues.

Tip #5: Take advantage of an opportunity to purchase a great home below market value.

Whether real or imagined, the stigma of a water damage disaster can drive down the price of a home. If the restoration was successfully completed by a reputable water damage restoration company that stands behind its guarantees, then the risk for the prospective homeowner is low. Purchasing a distressed home may enable a homebuyer to finally obtain the home of their dreams at a price within their budget. After living in the house for several years with no problems, the savvy homeowner may be able to sell the home for a handsome profit.

Tip #6: Minimize the risk in the future by obtaining adequate insurance.

Work closely with a reliable and trusted insurance agent to secure a homeowner’s insurance policy that adequately covers the home and any future water damage anywhere in the house, including areas previously affected by water damage.

water damage restoration

Tip #7: Pre-qualify a property damage restoration expert before a crisis arises.

Selecting a water damage restoration company in the midst of a crisis can be frustrating and stressful. Minutes matter and response time is critical when water damage is involved.

Whatever type of damage a property has experienced, Major Restoration Services delivers seamless repair and restoration services. Transparency, customer support, and clear communication are core values. The company works with all major insurance companies to ensure that clients receive maximum coverage from their claims.

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