Pegboard:”New Normal” Business Cards Spruce Up Season’s Networking Opportunities

The Pegboard team works hard to keep revolutionizing how businesses project their brand. For more than 55 years, we’ve seen firsthand, changes and evolution in the industry for branding and promotional products like custom t-shirts, packaging, and company gifts. Whether it’s logos on custom hats or custom labels for an event or product launch, Pegboard is ahead of the curve in helping companies stand out with items that create a lasting impression during important networking and business development opportunities.

Top 3 Business Card Design Trends and Ideas of 2021

The Pegboard team understands how important it is for a company to distinguish itself, and custom business cards offer a bold statement a company can make as it connects with potential customers. A team like ours will use every design tool imaginable to create a product that reflects everything that makes a company unique. In 2021, here are three emerging trends, especially for business cards.

#1 A New Level of Transparency

Custom pens are excellent conversation starters, but transparent business cards are making huge strides in a market obsessed with new and amazing design capabilities. Customers can literally see through these business cards, and people love the futuristic element. Minimalistic white business cards are a soft touch, but creating your card to represent a transparent and trustworthy brand sends a far more powerful message.

Pegboard’s clients can choose a card with a completely transparent background to make the logo or graphics the focal point. Other designs include dividing the card into opaque and transparent sections or juxtapositioning the right colors. Remember to order early to avoid supply chain delays on business cards and other useful networking tools.

#2 Metallic Inks and Foils

Designs that incorporate metallic inks are as eye-catching as custom lanyards in the brand’s colors, but these business cards also offer something unique. A translucent card is innovative, but visual effects come in many forms. A splash of color at the forefront is memorable, and it maximizes customer appeal when it counts. 

Pegboard designs offer endless possibilities with metallic inks. There is also an option to incorporate a thin yet durable layer of metallic foil into the aesthetics that adds elegance and refinement to your cards. The premium paper ensures the perfect effect on every print job, whether it’s a vibrant, youthful appeal or something more mysterious or dignified.

#3 Interactive Cards

The concept behind interactive business cards is solid—it gives people a reason to hold onto it, look at it, and remember the details it communicates. Pegboard’s printing professionals help companies find the right interactive cards to pique interest from the intended audience, including the use of: 

  • QR Codes. The small codes we all became familiar with during the COVID-19 pandemic typically contain website links and make online connections with potential customers easier.
  • Upcycled cards. If customers can take out a business card daily for another purpose, they are more likely to hold onto it and note the business information it provides. For example, it might serve as a coaster, magnet, or sandpaper to light a match.

Pegboard’s services have helped over 10,000 clients highlight their brand and logo through custom printing, branded merchandise, company gifts, and other effective avenues. Call Pegboard at (661) 327-5861 today for more information. Alternatively, email [email protected] or visit 1105 W Columbus Street in Bakersfield, CA, 93301, to order business cards, business checks, or any other branding needs).