Mobile Computer Services Shares 6 Email Security Practices for Businesses

Best email security practices for businesses

Email is one of the most widely used tools of communication within organizations as well as with outside entities such as vendors, customers, and other stakeholders. Emails are also most prone to cyberattacks such as malware, phishing, and spam, through which crucial financial and legal data can be extracted and misused. Mobile Computer Services, a managed IT company in Raleigh, shares some important email security practices for businesses. 

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1. Email Encryption 

Email encryption is a great way to protect users and confidential data from cyber attacks. The main idea is to ensure that intended recipients only receive emails with all data protected, even when sent over the cloud. Various email encryption services can be applied to every size of the business while keeping cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and employee goals in mind. 

2. Employee Security Training

Training employees about the dangers of cyber attacks and the importance of following email security policies is critical to successful email security. Regular reminders on signed-off policies from HR or IT can ensure employees understand the importance of these policies. A standard, easy-to-follow procedure can help employees stay secure.

3. Email Defenses

Phishing attacks use email fraud, impersonation, and social engineering to trick users into clicking on malicious content and unwittingly sharing confidential information. Security awareness training can simulate phishing and train the users to identify malicious emails. To prevent phishing attacks, businesses can implement a Secure Email Gateway and use attachment sandboxing and URL threat defense technologies. Post-delivery protection is a machine learning algorithm that detects and automatically removes phishing attacks and alerts the user about suspicious emails.   

4. Secure & Productive Email Features

Email security must go hand-in-hand with productivity. Employees must never feel that email security is hampering their work and delivery. This can discourage them from following the security protocols. Some of the things to consider when adding email security features are:

  • Will employees be able to send secure emails on the phone?

  • Are employees feeling secure and compliant in sending mails?

  • Are employees assured that their secure emails are successfully being delivered, especially if they are time-sensitive? 

5. Better Password Management

Same passwords are often used across multiple accounts by employees. Since phishing attacks leverage these passwords, funds that hold company data, consumer data, and financial information are jeopardized. 

Businesses can implement strong password management policies to ensure all users use strong and unique passwords for each account. This mitigates the risk of all accounts getting compromised by a phishing attack. Business Password Management solutions are one such platform that can be used to monitor employee password security. 

6. Anti-Virus For Endpoint Protection

Endpoint anti-virus protection is a critical practice that protects all endpoint devices from getting infected by email ransomware and malware. This solution scans all files and websites for any malicious content and helps remove the malware found on the systems.

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