How LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Can Lift Up the Eyes and Elevate the Soul

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth, GA, specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining LED landscape lighting systems in the metro Atlanta area. The team of lighting professionals serves the needs of both residential and commercial clients, including landscape lighting for churches and other religious institutions.

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Practical Benefits of LED Low-Voltage Lighting

LED low-voltage landscape lighting offers many practical benefits:

  • Highly energy-efficient and cost-effective
  • Low maintenance and sustainable
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Safe for the community environment of the church
  • Improves the safety and security of the church facility

Sacred Light: The Power of Light to Uplift the Eyes and Elevate the Soul

Some of the finest examples of sacred architecture, artistry, and craftsmanship can be found in the Metro Atlanta area. Yet, in the hustle and bustle of getting from the parking lot to the pew, the beauty and grandeur of the sacred setting can easily be overlooked, especially in the evening hours. A well-executed LED low-voltage landscape lighting system has the power to capture attention, uplift the eyes, and elevate the soul.

Capture the Attention of Both Parishioners and Passers-by

A custom landscape lighting system not only illuminates a structure but also captures attention. Many Atlanta churches are in prime locations with very high traffic volume. Lighting maximizes this locational advantage by visibly displaying the sacred setting in its best light.

Create an Ambiance That Shapes the Worship Experience

A magnificent edifice framed by beautiful landscaping can positively influence the expectations and worship experience of the congregation. That same setting accentuated with artful lighting can have a breath-taking impact on the flock as they come and go during the evening hours.

Uplift the Eyes and Elevate the Soul

Sacred architecture is intentional in many ways. From the outside, the onlooker is met with tall, narrow windows, upward reaching columns, a slanted roof, and a spire that splits the sky. Imagine these elements draped with glorious splashes of warm, invigorating light. As eyes are lifted upward, so too the soul is elevated heavenward. Once inside, the heavenly theme continues. The artwork creates a rich, visual experience. The towering columns, expansive arches, and high ceilings draw the eyes of worshippers heavenward.

Lighting a Pathway Forward

Step #1. Assess the situation.

It is possible to be a faithful member of a place of worship and never really pay much attention to how the buildings and grounds look after dark. Inadequate illumination of the landscape, walkways, and other hardscapes explains why the features go unnoticed. If the members are not able to see or safely use the sitting area adorned with a comfortable bench, beautiful flower garden, and peaceful waterfall, neither will visitors. The family who donated the rest and meditation space may also notice that their special gift is unseen and underappreciated. Imagine what joy it would bring to the family and the church after a landscape lighting professional installs custom lighting to accentuate the area. The congregation might even decide to add another bench to the feature.

Consider these questions when evaluating the lighting needs of the facility:

  • Does the existing lighting enhance the landscape, creating a warm, peaceful ambiance?
  • Was navigating steps, ramps, walkways, and pathways stress-free?
  • Are important landmarks, statuary, and signage appropriately highlighted?
  • Are there any other issues that need to be addressed?

Step #2. Take the matter to the appropriate leaders for discussion and action.

Show the leadership video and images of areas that need attention, especially areas that create safety and security hazards. Include several examples of the best and most beautiful sacred lighting techniques.

Step #3. Qualify an experienced and reputable LED low-voltage landscape lighting professional.

The lighting specialist should have demonstrated proficiency in commercial and residential landscape lighting. A perusal of the company’s portfolio will provide insight into the designer’s ability to create mood and accentuate greenspaces. Ideally, the designer will spotlight sacred art and architecture while drawing the eyes upward at key points to elevate the soul.

Step #4. Schedule an onsite consultation and nighttime demonstration.

A nighttime demonstration displays LED landscape lighting in the milieu where it can be seen and, more importantly, experienced. The demonstration can have a profound visual and spiritual impact on the entire congregation and grow their appreciation for the facility and grounds.

Step #5. Preserve the consultation and demonstration with images and video and share it with the congregation across several platforms.

The church media team can produce a stunning video presentation enriched with uplifting music for everyone to experience and enjoy. Post the video on the church’s website, Facebook page, or YouTube channel, and be sure to upload the media project to the cloud. If appropriate, include the presentation in the pre-worship announcements.

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How the Process Works

Entrust the installation and set up to a bonded, licensed, and insured LED low-voltage landscape lighting company such as Southern Landscape Lighting Systems. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth installs and services outdoor lighting systems for clients in the metro Atlanta area. The installation process features a free daytime consultation/picture consultation where the team comes to the church or other place of worship. If needed, the client can provide photos, and the design team can explain options for illuminating the areas the client wants to be highlighted. The provided estimate includes the number of fixtures, the types of fixtures to be installed, and the price for the installation.

Churches or other places of worship that are interested in using landscape lighting to enhance their facility can contact Southern Landscape Lighting Systems by email at [email protected] The Acworth office can be reached by phone at (678) 324-6842.