Funeral Home’s Guide on What to Do When Death Occurs

The team at Kuzo and Foulk Funeral Homes provides dedicated service to families in Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. The company offers assistance after a death in the family by handling the funeral service or cremation.

Four Important Steps to Take After a Death

The Kuzo and Foulk Funeral Homes offer funeral preplanning services, including these four key pieces of information about what to do when a death occurs.

#1 Secure a Pronouncement of Death

Families need an official pronouncement of death immediately after the loss of a loved one, typically issued by a doctor just after the person has passed away. However, if a doctor is not present, the family should contact a medical professional for immediate help in Kennett Square, PA, or the surrounding areas.

#2 Speak to the Family

Individuals should contact family and friends after a loss. In West Grove, PA, and nearby locations, there are several options available, including phone calls, emails, and text messages. A personal call is best for those closest to the family, and contacting family and friends may allow individuals to learn about any pre-set plans for the funeral or burial.

#3 Arrange for the Funeral, Cremation, or Burial

If the person had preplanned funeral or burial requests, the family should always try to honor these parameters. Contacting a funeral director after death allows the family to make plans during a difficult time. Families should not hesitate to investigate whether their lost loved one expressed any wishes about their funeral or burial plan beforehand. 

Without a premade plan, families must work with the funeral home to arrange a service or burial that brings them closure. Sean Walker of Kuzo and Foulk Funeral Homes is passionate about serving families and the community in Kennett Square and the surrounding areas. They have done so since the 1950s, valuing professionalism and respect in all aspects of their service.

The team at the Kuzo and Foulk Funeral Homes provides guidance for families who need to decide on:

  • Times for the service
  • A place to hold the service
  • The tombstone or urn
  • Funeral prices and other arrangements

Families should consider who they want to act as pallbearers when setting up a funeral. They also need to select a casket, consider eulogies, and write the obituary.

#4 Take Care of the Estate

Families must ensure they handle the estate of their lost loved ones carefully. The requirements for handling the estate vary based on the situation and wishes of the deceased. For example, some families need to:

  • Lock the home of their family member
  • Handle plants or food that remain in the fridge
  • Secure jewelry and other valuables
  • Feed and care for pets

Finally, someone should contact the employer of the deceased to inform them of the death and handle any benefits that may be eligible for dependents or heirs. The family will also receive a death certificate and turn their attention to the reading of the will. Many individuals leave a final will and testament that details their wishes after their death, and all families should follow these instructions to the letter.

Death has many considerations besides the emotional turmoil of arranging a funeral or reading a will. The Kuzo and Foulk Funeral Homes are here to help with postmortem arrangements anywhere in southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. Contact the team for more information at (610) 444-4116 for guidance and support, including planning the funeral service.