Flagstone Marketing offers a 90-day accelerator to boost landscaping businesses

Relaunch and growth strategy for the landscaping business 

Eighty-two percent of millennials report that having a lawn is important when renting or buying a home. In line with this mindset, the United States Landscaping market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.5%, during the forecast period (2020-2025). According to the National Gardening Survey 2018, the average spending per household on lawn care and gardening activities rose considerably from USD 317 in 2014 to USD 503 in 2017. Despite the demand, landscaping and hardscaping companies are struggling to survive and flourish. Flagstone marketing offers insight into these challenges and presents a unique roadmap to companies to grow landscaping business despite the odds.

Here are some of the challenges landscaping businesses face:

  1. Labor shortage: While the demand for landscaping rises, the industry is struggling with a shortage of skilled labor to fulfill those demands. Some of the reasons for this shortage are:
  1. H-2B program changes: The limitation on the entry of foreign skilled labor into the country has reduced the pool of seasonal workers that landscaping companies depend upon to scale up their operations.
  2. Low unemployment: As the nation’s unemployment fell to a record low of 3.5 % as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are fewer prospective applicants for landscaping companies to choose from.
  3. Enrollment in horticulture programs is poor: Although a landscaping job may not require a college education or special training, the falling interest in horticulture does not bode well for the green industry. The number of certifications and programs may disappear completely if this trend continues.
  1. High inflation: The rising costs of supplies and equipment has made it necessary for companies to raise their prices as well. 
  1. Increasing competition: Considering the low barrier to entry into the landscaping industry, newer businesses are mushrooming and are offering low prices for the same work. The competition has become harder due to the number of players in the industry, lesser-skilled labor, and the varied price range for the services.

Now that the problem is identified, what can landscaping and hardscaping companies do to survive this crunch and bounce back? How can they gain an edge over their competitors in this saturated and competitive market? 

A roadmap to success

Flagstone has identified three aspects that landscaping companies must try to conquer to find success:

  • Acquiring high-quality, positive reviews from customers
  • Mitigating the customer’s perceived risk by curating creative offers and guarantees
  • Creating long-term online visibility that organically impacts the key conversion metrics 

To achieve these targets, Flagstone Marketing offers a 90-day roadmap designed to effectively relaunch landscaping businesses online and implement an aggressive growth strategy to combat the identified threats. The roadmap includes the following:

  1. Website: A website is the face of a brand. Flagstone Marketing will create a custom website that is specifically designed to convert visitors into valuable leads.
  2. Social media: Any brand worth its salt cannot afford to be absent or erratic on social media today. Flagstone Marketing will manage the social media channels for the company to attract new prospects and direct them towards the company’s sales funnel.
  3. Reputation: Multiplying the lead flow by displaying accurate information about the business in 60+ online directory listings.
  4. CRM: Ensuring a thorough follow-up on every lead by creating a customer relationship management system that is simple and fully automated. 
  5. Advertising: Pay-per-lead service management across important platforms like Home Advisor, Porch and Google Local Service Ads, and Pay-per-click advertising on Google so that the business is seen every single time someone searches for landscaping or hardscaping services.

Flagstone marketing:

“ I see worry and panic everywhere. More and more businesses feel the need to sacrifice time, energy, and resources just to survive in a competitive landscape that continues to get hammered from all sides. All we want to do at Flagstone Marketing is partner with the right businesses who want to strategically face these threats in pursuit of more impact and freedom.” 

With Flagstone Marketing’s 90-day landscape business accelerator, companies can now successfully scale lawn care business in this competitive market.

Why Flagstone Marketing?

Flagstone Marketing specializes in delivering results for landscaping and hardscaping companies. While many agencies pitch one or two services, Flagstone pitches business growth through a combined effort of many tools and techniques. The team will showcase exactly what is being spent and what the return on investment is.

  • Expertise

The team specializes in internet marketing for landscape businesses – from the keywords to the strategies that work for this niche market.

  • Services

Flagstone Marketing exclusively serves one business, not all. Working with a client’s local competitors would be unfair and self-defeating.

  • Approach

The team exhibits absolute transparency in how the marketing dollars are being spent and highlights the client’s monthly, detailed performance reports.

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