Five Ways to Use Promos to Gain Repeat Customers for Your Business

Pegboard is a custom print and branding solution company that helps businesses grow, expand, and build brand loyalty in an organized fashion. The company has worked with thousands of clients, meeting their corporate branding, custom printing, apparel, and print and mail needs. Pegboard offers bespoke plans tailored to their specific market needs and can help marketers identify strategies that will take their strategy to the next level. 

Why Businesses Need Repeat Sales

Repeat sales are vital to the continued success of any business. All markets have a specific number of people, so targeting new customers will eventually become ineffective. Pivoting to repeat sales is an appealing strategy for many businesses. 

While excellent customer service is one of the most critical aspects of digital marketing to gain repeat customers, promotions offer the immediacy necessary to keep a brand fresh in the customer’s mind. 

The primary purpose of targeting repeat customers is to build a loyal customer base that offers a steady baseline income. These customers are also usually great brand ambassadors and are more likely to try new products from a company they trust. Repeat customers are also easier to target and often spend more money and buy more products. 

Five Promo Strategies to Encourage Repeat Sales

#1 Buy One, Get One Free

This popular sales promotion creates a sense of urgency and leads customers to believe they’ve gotten a great deal on some of their favorite products. Many businesses will also use these promotions to liquidate old stock. They can incorporate brand messaging and corporate branding, such as free custom T-shirts along with the promotion. 

#2 Free Samples

Offering free samples shows that a business stands by the quality of its products and is confident consumers will enjoy them. This approach is a fantastic way to attract new customers who are reluctant to buy without trying first. It can add an extra layer of brand messaging, too, if leveraged correctly. 

#3 Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise can effectively raise awareness of a product and service by providing custom packaging, custom labels, or custom lanyards to loyal repeat customers. Not only is giving existing customers company gifts a great way to improve repeat business, but it also increases brand awareness when the customers use and show off their new products. 

#4 Flash Sales

A flash sale is any highly discounted product or service that’s only available for a limited period. Not only is it a successful corporate branding strategy, but it’s also a great way to get rid of existing stock while generating excitement for repeat customers. 

#5 Free Shipping and Returns

A large part of customer service is offering customers extra perks. Free shipping helps customers make the decision to buy online. If possible, removing minimum cart value restrictions will simplify the customer’s purchase journey and ensure they return for repeat transactions. 

About Pegboard

Pegboard is a corporate branding company that helps businesses decide what their brand stands for and how to convey that message effectively. In addition to their marketing services, the company also offers custom: 

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