Duvall & Co suggests how to create a home with a minimalist look

Less is more – the minimalist interiors

Clean lines, less clutter, soothing to behold, and warm and inviting – the minimalist interiors are an aspiration for many homeowners. The art of creating a minimalist look in a home requires a perfect balance between cold and warmth. Duvall & Co shares tips on how to create a home that is spacious and uncluttered yet warm and full of character. 

  1. Opt for a neutral color palette

White along with understated neutrals such as tans and beiges, natural tones of grays, and calming pastels are the foundations of a minimalist home. These colors create a tranquil and fresh ambiance that can be teamed with one or two brighter colors to break the monotony and add some style. 

  1. Space and focal points

A feeling of space is the essence of a minimalist look. A balanced look can be achieved by leaving empty spaces and creating some focal points. A modern piece of furniture can become the focal point amid all the space, and still not create clutter or distract the observer’s perception of minimalism. 

  1. Declutter and store

A minimalist home and lifestyle mean less visual clutter. Sticking to essentials and discarding or storing the non-essentials is the best way to achieve a minimalist look. An accent table in a neutral color with clean lines can become a useful storage space to declutter and create space. Minimizing the items displayed on shelves and tables will complete that minimalist look. 

  1. Accent decorations

Minimalism doesn’t mean decorations or bright hues should be avoided completely. It just means being economical in using these elements. Decorative items must be used to accentuate not overpower. One accent decoration can become a focal point instead of a distracting group of items.  

  1. Clean lines and flat surfaces

Furniture with clean lines, bare decoration of surfaces; and minimal artwork on bare, neutral walls makes up a minimalist interior. The walls and furniture breathe in the spaciousness that minimalism entails. Non-essentials like papers, magazines, and knick-knacks are stored away to keep the visual line clean. 

  1. Texture play

The neutral colors and bare walls can be accentuated by introducing a few textures. A subtly textured wallpaper, wooden floorboards, and a play with textured cushion covers can add some warmth and richness to the look. The idea is to be balanced and not overwhelm.

  1. Let there be light

Unadorned windows with sunlight pouring in enhance the feeling of space. Using sheer curtains or blinds that offer some privacy yet allow the light to brighten the path is also a great way to retain a minimalist look.

  1. Every object counts

Since the number of objects in a minimalist home is few, every piece counts. That one vase on the accent table, the splash of color on the sofa cushions, the contemporary mural posing as a focal point, or that abstract painting on the bare wall – everything will catch attention against the neutral, minimalist background. Therefore everything must be picked thoughtfully. 

  1. Little patterns 

Patterns must be used in a limited amount in a minimalist home. They should be used on a small scale, tone-to-tone, or in an unobtrusive manner. Prints can be used as an accent decoration on curtains or throw pillows. A patterned carpet can become the focal point that breaks the visual monotony of neutrals and cold lines. 

  1. Minimalist furniture

Since the look is minimalist, working with a few pieces of furniture is a tricky affair. A night table in the bedroom, an accent table behind the sofa, the console table in the hallway, or the end table in the living room. Every piece can make or break the minimalist look. Here are a few tips to choose the right furniture to complement this look:

  1. Timeless and intriguing: Furniture that never goes out of trend is an ideal investment. Quality classics with clean lines and subtle hues that continue to spark interest and intrigue are a wise choice.
  2. Durable: Minimalism is also about practicality. Minimalist furniture must be sturdy enough to withstand daily use. A piece of good quality furniture may require a substantial investment and therefore should also last across generations. 
  3. Simple and modern: Ornate furniture with busy patterns must be avoided at all costs as they contradict the minimalist look. Simple furniture with clean, modern lines and neutral tones is ideal. 
  4. One centerpiece: Although minimalism opposes the need for attention, one piece of furniture must stand out. This piece must be slim, simple yet impactful. A live-edge table for instance can turn around the room from boring to exciting without losing the minimalist appeal.

Duvall & Co and its custom-built furniture

Duvall & Co hand-crafts every piece from solid furniture-grade maple and other wood species that its customers request. The most prime, solid hardwoods with depth and character are hand-selected. Each piece is finished by hand with the highest grade, commercial finishes that enhance the natural beauty of the wood’s grain and color variations.

Every piece can be modified an unlimited number of times to suit the specific requirements of the client. It is designed to last across generations as a family heirloom and is, therefore, worth every penny invested. 

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