Common Locations Where Mold Can Hide in El Dorado, AR, Homes

The mold removal specialists at Restore-It Restoration and Cleaning understand the importance of remediating mold issues in a home or business. Mold can be unsightly and inconvenient when it gets out of control. The highly trained and certified technicians at Restore-It Restoration and Cleaning take mold remediation seriously. They utilize the latest equipment, techniques, and cleaning products to make the mold-infested home or business clean, safe, and healthy.


Mold loves moisture, warmth, darkness, and organic matter and can be found lurking in several places in a home.

On and around appliances

Refrigerators, freezers, window air conditioners, and HVAC systems have seals, coils, and drip pans that are attractive to mold. Also, mold will grow on the sides of appliances that do not get much sunlight. Do not be surprised to find mold growing on the back of the refrigerator, on the wall behind the freezer, or on the floor under both appliances. Add these hiding places to the cleaning regimen to hinder mold growth.

The floor mats next to the kitchen sink or in front of the refrigerator can harbor hidden mold. When mopping the floor, clean the floor mats as well. Include any doormats, as well.

On dishes in the kitchen cabinet

In the hustle and bustle of life, the temptation is to put away dishes before they are thoroughly dry. This practice invites mold growth on the plates and in the cabinets, which is unsanitary and unsightly, especially when guests come for dinner only to find mold on their dinner plates and dessert dishes. Dry dishes, plates, and glassware thoroughly either by hand or using the drying cycle on the dishwasher to prevent mold growth in kitchen cabinets and cupboards.

Under the sink

Kitchen and bathroom sinks provide mold the warm, moist, and dark environment it needs to thrive. Condensation or plumbing leaks can enrich the setting with the extra moisture thirsty mold needs to explode in spore counts. By wiping down the inside of the sink cabinet with a mild bleach solution, mold growth can be prevented. A hydrogen peroxide-based solution works well, also. Whenever cleaning with bleach, be sure to wear protective eyewear, rubber gloves, and an apron or old clothing. Wash the clothing separately to avoid damaging other items in the wash. While cleaning under the bathroom sink, prevent mold growth in the toothbrush caddy and soap dish by thoroughly rinsing and drying each item.

In filing cabinets and cardboard storage boxes

More than paper may be filed away in the home filing cabinet if the environment is damp or the home suffers a water damage disaster. Paper is a favorite food for fungi, so a moist attic or damp basement is not the best place to store files or other important documents. The home office may need a dehumidifier during the hot, muggy months of the year.

On children’s toys

Toys, drool, dirt, and the darkness of the toybox provide just the habitat mold needs to thrive. A regular ride through the washing machine or dishwasher should keep toys mold-free.

In potted house plants

Plants can be very thirsty in the dry humidity of a home. Avoid the temptation to over-water plants. The excessive moisture leads to root rot which can kill a plant. Mold devours the warm, moist, nutrient-rich potting soil used for houseplants. Brown, green, or black mold growing on the surface of the pots may indicate overwatering.

Bonus tip: If plant leaves wilt and turn brown, the problem could be either underwatering or overwatering. If the leaves are brittle and crumble, the problem may be underwatering. If the leaves are supple and pliable, the problem may be overwatering.

The comprehensive mold remediation services offered by Restore-It Restoration and Cleaning are designed to meet the customer’s needs when it comes to mold remediation. Services include:

  • Mold inspection, testing, assessment, and containment
  • Cleaning and dehumidification
  • Mold remediation
  • Clearing testing

Homeowners can trust the professionals at Restore-It Restoration and Cleaning to handle mold problems wherever they may occur in El Dorado, AR, homes. Mold can spread rapidly, but fast action on the part of the homeowner and the damage restoration company can prevent an infestation and property damage.

For more information about El Dorado, AR, mold removal services, the team of damage restoration experts at Restore-It Restoration and Cleaning can be contacted by phone at (870) 417-4614.