Alura Business Solutions Discusses the Importance of Specialized Managed IT

Technology is critical to any law practice and helps them run efficiently, research, satisfy clients, tackle more cases, and remain competitive. Technology has become the cornerstone of running a well-oiled legal machine. But with the increased reliance on technology, glitches, compliance issues, and data theft, no law firm can afford it. 

But should law firms outsource their IT? Yes, says  Alura Business Solutions, but only to a company specializing in IT support for law firms. 

What are Managed IT Services? 

Managed IT Services is where a team of IT professionals manages and operates a company’s information technology infrastructure. As opposed to having the expense of having an in-house IT person or persons with limited knowledge, managed IT provides a team of pooled knowledge readily available for troubleshooting, maintenance, and more. 

IT solutions for law firms can include many services, including:
  • Maintaining and monitoring the network infrastructure
  • Managing users and passwords
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Data encryption
  • Disaster recovery
  • Application hosting
  • Installing  software updates and patches
  • Providing help desk support
  • On-site support
  • Cybersecurity monitoring
  • Cybersecurity protection
  • Mobile security
  • Performance monitoring and reports
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Emergency support

Why Specialization Matters 

Generalists just won’t do it when it comes to managing IT for law firms. A Managed IT company that specializes in law firms is familiar with the software platforms and applications used within the legal industry. That means they can quickly resolve complicated problems to help law offices maximize efficiency and profitability. 

Cybersecurity is of Paramount Importance

According to the American Bar Association’s 2021 Legal Technology Survey Report, at least 25% of responding law firms had experienced a data breach. The threat is so high that it is not a matter of if a law firm will get hacked but when

The ABA states, “attorneys have ethical and common law duties to take competent and reasonable measures to safeguard information relating to clients and also often have contractual and regulatory duties to protect confidential information.” 

That poses a considerable challenge for many attorneys and law offices who are not tech-savvy or have IT staff that is pressed with duties or may lack cybersecurity training. 

Advantages of Managed IT Solutions For Law Firms

There are some surprising advantages to hiring a company specializing in law office IT solutions. 

  • Industry Insights. Hiring a managed IT company specializing in the industry means you will have experts with insights on what platforms other firms are implementing successfully. That means they can recommend solutions and applications to solve everyday problems. 
  • Experience with Common Software. Because they work in the industry, IT experts specializing in the industry are familiar with the platforms used in law offices. Alura Business Solutions, for example, has a broad knowledge of many software packages, including Worldox, Juris, TABS, and Timeslips.
  • Cost Savings. Less downtime means greater productivity and profitability.

Is Managed IT Right For Your Law Firm?

Managed services are a great way to strengthen your cybersecurity and ensure that your IT infrastructure runs optimally. You can leverage the comprehensive and flexible services that Alura Business Solutions provides. 

Managed IT Services Plymouth Meeting, PA

If you are considering your options in managed IT, look no further than Alura Business Solutions. Alura has provided professional, customized IT solutions for small and mid-sized businesses in Plymouth Meeting and surrounding communities since 2007. Trusted by area businesses for their reliable services, they pride themselves on minimizing client risks while optimizing efficiency and operability. 

For more information about Alura Business Solutions, view their website or call (215) 721-1122. 

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