5 Most Common Problems that Are Reported to IT Support

Few Tips for common IT problems 

Almost all companies, big and small, use technology to run their businesses. However, employees of the businesses that use technology extensively may not always be tech-savvy. Many employees struggle with tech problems that leave them frustrated. Mobile Computer Services, a managed IT company in Wake Forest, shares some of the common problems that people face while using technology.

1. Unable to log in

Some of the most common reasons that a user is not able to log in to their device are:

  • The caps lock key is on and the password is entered incorrectly.
  • If the employee is working remotely using his device, it is possible that the device might have multiple profiles. Similarly, office devices can be configured to log into different domains. Confirm that the user is logging in to the right domain or profile.
  • Companies can force employees to reset their passwords at regular intervals as a security measure. To prevent being unable to log in, users must reset their passwords as advised by the company.

The IT support team will be able to reinstate access and reset the user’s password.

2. Internet is too slow

Users can firstly contact the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to verify that there are no planned outages in that area. Additionally, users working from home can try restarting their router and the modem. Also, make sure that the device is within the range of its wireless router.

Contact IT support to update the device drivers of the network card or re-route the router to another channel.

3. Machine is too slow

The most common cause of a slow machine is having too many programs running on it at the same time. Close some of the programs to speed up the computer.

Machines can become slow when they run out of space. Personal photos and videos can be moved to secure online storage to free space. Unwanted files and programs can be deleted.

Computer viruses can also slow down the machine. A full scan of the computer can be done using Antivirus software such as Malwarebytes, McAfee, and AVG.

IT services can mitigate risk by cleaning up the machine, making it virus-free, and creating space to make it faster.

4. Pop-ups are blocking the screen

Users might have installed adware on their machine, which is the cause of the problem. Adware can generate pop-ups and block the screen. Adware can generally be removed by virus scans, which help to remove malware.

Pop-ups appearing in the web browser can be stopped by enabling the pop-up blocker on the browser.

5. Printer is not working

Ensure that the printer has enough paper and ink. Also, make sure that the paper is in the right slot and that there is no paper jam. Turning the printer on and off can also solve the problem. Contact IT support to solve connectivity issues with the printer.

#1 Remedy to most common computer problems

Reboot your computer!  For the health and longevity of your devices, a nightly or regular reboot and restarting of your devices will repair and resolve a majority of minor issues.  

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