This BDU romper is a hot girl summer must-have

This BDU romper is a hot girl summer must-have

Made popular by children in the playground sandbox, the ol’ romper made its way onto the runway and into our hearts nearly a decade ago. And while you might think these little camel-toe-hugging jumpsuits are designed for women (and Patriots quarterback Cam Newton), one anonymous soldier has decided otherwise.

Introducing the BDU romp-him.

In a nod to the last 20 years of war in the Middle East, this hand-cut situation says, “The sandbox isn’t just for kids anymore.”

What’s perhaps most noteworthy is that this sartorial choice was showcased on the dating app hellscape known as Bumble.

Genius indeed. I can only hope that this one piece, which truly highlights the anonymous prospect’s legs (and presumably other … ahem… assets) works like magic on the ladies. Otherwise, it is indeed, unhinged.

Alternatively, perhaps as we hurtle towards the inevitable heat-death of the planet, the Army will consider adopting this as its summer uniform.

There’s nothing like a cool breeze whispering across your bare kneecaps as you stand at attention to make you feel alive.

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