Tell us what you think about the COVID-19 vaccines

Tell us what you think about the COVID-19 vaccines

Two COVID-19 vaccines have approved for use in the United States, but many Americans remain skeptical about their safety, despite assurances from experts and about a third of troops have declined to take the shots.

Has your unit been offered the vaccine yet?

Have you taken it?

Have you refused?

Why or why not?

What do you think about your comrades who choose to take it?

What about those who choose not to?

As vaccines roll out and into arms across the military, we want to hear about your experience, and whether you opted to get the jab or not.

While the vaccines remain voluntary because the government has only authorized them under an emergency-use authorization, have you felt pressured by your chain of command to receive or not receive the vaccine?

Email [email protected] to share your experience and thoughts. We can grant you anonymity upon request but would like to know your branch and age. We will also need to verify your identity if we use any of your thoughts in a future article.

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