Pentagon adding new China and tech chiefs

Pentagon adding new China and tech chiefs

WASHINGTON ― Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Sunday swore in the newest assistant secretary of defense for Indo-Pacific security, Ely Ratner, who is one of the latest of President Joe Biden’s Pentagon nominees to receive Senate approval.

Ratner, a former deputy national security adviser to Biden who’s been leading the Pentagon’s China Task Force, was sworn in aboard an Air Force E-4B on Austin’s trip to Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The Senate confirmed Ratner and the following Pentagon nominations by unanimous consent on July 22. The move represents partial progress, as a number of national security nominees were being held by Republican and Democratic senators.

“These deeply qualified public servants represent decades of combined expertise and leadership in national security and defense policy, and I am grateful for their willingness to serve the country at this critical time,” Austin said in a statement over the weekend.

“As we embark on my second trip to the Indo-Pacific, I am delighted for the opportunity to administer the oath to Ely aboard the aircraft. His experience and acumen will prove essential as we work to strengthen our powerful network of allies and partners in the region.”

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