Marianne Williamson drops long-shot 2024 presidential bid

Marianne Williamson drops long-shot 2024 presidential bid

Marianne Williamson, the author and spiritual leader, has officially announced her withdrawal from the 2024 presidential race. In a message addressed to her supporters on Wednesday evening, she conveyed the decision to suspend her campaign, acknowledging both the evident shortcomings and the genuine accomplishments of her efforts. Williamson emphasized that despite the campaign’s cessation, it succeeded in articulating deeper truths often overlooked by the political establishment.

As one of the few Democratic contenders challenging the incumbent President Joe Biden, Williamson, alongside House Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Minn., consistently maintained single-digit polling margins. Despite her endeavors, she secured only about 2% of the vote in South Carolina’s Democratic primary held the previous weekend.

Throughout her campaign, Williamson championed an anti-establishment platform under the slogan “Disrupt the System.” This marked her second presidential bid, following an unsuccessful primary campaign in 2020. Her motivation for entering the race stemmed from a desire to rectify the perceived damage inflicted by former President Donald Trump and to prevent his re-election.

Primarily positioning herself as an alternative to Biden, Williamson aimed to capitalize on his perceived vulnerabilities, particularly regarding issues like the economy and waning support among core Democratic constituencies such as Latino voters. However, as the primary season unfolded, it became apparent that her enthusiastic and spiritual messaging failed to resonate with voters any more than it had during her previous attempt in 2020.

Despite a potential opening in New Hampshire’s Democratic primary, where Biden’s name was not officially on the ballot, Williamson’s performance fell short, garnering only 4% of the votes. Although New Hampshire’s independent streak typically favors outsider candidates, it was insufficient to propel Williamson beyond the margins of the field.

In her farewell message, Williamson expressed gratitude for the opportunity to amplify the voices of those often marginalized in American society. While her campaign did not achieve electoral success, she believes it made a meaningful impact on the political discourse, advocating for healing and inclusivity in a divided nation.